Nos' Record Roundup: May

Date:2019-05-27 20:17:45
May did change the conversation from the last two months. There were fewer albums I was interested enough in to listen to, but those I did were better, on average, than what March and April had to offer. The quality percentage was higher, but there were several stretches where I didn't listen to anything new, because nothing caught my attention. So here's what we've got:

Album Of The Month: Vanishing Signs - Vanishing Signs

I was not expecting this to get dropped this month, and it's not the record I was hoping for, but it still edges everything else out. It's a good record of Hammond-soaked classic rock on its own accord, but the vocals put it over the top for me. I would listen to her sing just about anything, so it's no mystery why I'm fond of this one, even if there are two songs where she's benched for a guy who should have had enough sense to not get in the way.

The Good:

Jasmine Cain - Seven

What I just said can apply to this as well. It wasn't the record I was hoping for, but I still like the result. This time she does less pop/rock, and more modern rock. It's a bit heavier on rhythms and grooves, but after a few extra listens, it's grown on me a lot. Sort of like Halestorm's record did last year.

First Signal - Line Of Fire
Crazy Lixx

Frontiers finally releases a couple of good ones. These are both quite enjoyable, and both heavily 80s influenced. As I said before, I'm personally tired of those sounds, so neither one of these can move from good to great. The Def Leppard worship on one song on the Crazy Lixx record reminds me just how much I absolutely hate "Pour Some Sugar On Me". That gives the edge to Harry's record.

Bad Religion - Age Of Unreason

Some solid melodic punk, although I know they're never going to make another record like "The Dissent Of Man". The more developed stuff is all fun and satisfying, but the bunch of under two minute songs get in the way.

Myrath - Sheheli

Another fine album that is really unique to everything else we hear. It's quite lovely, and it's very well done, but I liked the previous album more. This one is almost too smooth, and doesn't have the big, explosive moments "Legacy" did.

SOTO - Origami

This sounds to me a lot like the shorter songs on the Sons Of Apollo album. It doesn't quite have the hooks, but it mostly works. It's way, way better than the solo album he made last year.

The Not Good:

Whitesnake - Flesh & Bone

Coverdale sounds beat up, and the songs aren't my thing at all.

The Worst: Arch/Matheos - Winter Ethereal

A decent album ruined by a truly awful vocal performance. Arch's tone is terrible on its own, but his slurring delivery actively pisses me off. He fails at his job as a singer, and when he can't be assed to enunciate, I can't be assed to give a shit about listening past him for the good parts.

As for June, the most interesting thing on the docket would be the Baroness album, if I didn't already know it sounds like complete hell. Their production, first on "Purple" and now on this one, is the poster-child for sound quality making an album unlistenable. I don't know if I can sit through two discs worth of that horror.
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