May Round Up

Date:2019-05-27 19:40:03
A bit early to post this yes but nothing more I can try at the mo. Two very late May releases that I'm interested in are Gloryhammer and Death Angel's new albums but they are just released too late in the month for consideration so they'll be first up next month.

I think I listened to more albums in May than even April. Silly boy!

Anyway let the madness begin...With countdown from the worst to best. Each album getting a full listen and obviously the better you were the more you got played.

Beltane - Tales of Pantheon - thought it might be ok but this is weak as piss. 3/10

Thor - Hammer of Justice - Mr Thor with a sort of almost listenable album but eventually quite laughable too. 4/10

Cannonballz - 8Ballz2Many - I so love Robbie LaBlanc's vocals but alas this is not for me. Pedestrian old man rock. 4/10

Immortal Sÿnn - Capitol Punishment - below average 4 track heavy metal ep 4/10

Odinfist - Let the Gods Decide - A bit of viking true heavy metal? Sounds good on paper but delivery and execution all lacking sadly. 4.5/10

Badhoven - All the World's a Fake - Swiss hard rock. Barely Ok. Good sound. 5/10

Hellraiser - Heritage - Heavy metal from Italy. Just average in the end and forgettable.

Pythia - The Solace of Ancient Earth - UK Symphonic power metal return. Good music but boring vocals. 5/10

Stormhammer - Seven Seals - German power metal with rough and clean vox. Mostly cliched and boring in the end with a couple of good songs. 5/10

The Brink - Nowhere To Run - Simple poppy hard rock. Wears thin after a while. Too annoying in the vocal delivery. 5/10

Abnormality - Sociopathic Constructs - super brutal, dense, death metal. No real repeat play value. 5.5/10

Alliance - Fire And Grace - average melodic rock by seasoned old timers. ok but Should be better. 5.5/10

Idle Hands - Mana - Sorta ok trad metal with jingly jangly guitars but not my thing overall. 5.5/10

Inculter - Fatal Visions - Raw thrash. Just so so riffage. Forgettable. 5.5/10

Lonely Robot - Under Stars - Listenable but too long winded prog rock by stalwarts. 5.5/10

Trishula - Scare To breathe - Hard rock, just average and nothing special at all but not so bad. 5.5/10

Arch Matheos - Winter Ethereal - polarising opinion like no other this one. I like the music but can barely take Arch even in small doses. All the points here awarded for the great music. 6/10

Circle of Witches - Natural Born Sinners - Baritone vocal fronted heavy metal. Decent but overall unlikely to gain favour with me. 6/10

Exit Smashed - Between Death and Death - thrash metal. Ok for a listen or two before one moves on. 6/10

Magistarium - War for All and All for Won - semi operatic epic metal. Mixed vocals. Male lead very average. Choirs very good. Choruses quite epic. 6/10

Possessed - Revelations of Oblivion - legends of death metal return from the abyss. Not bad at all. Vox a bit odd. Song writing ok. Little bit underwhelming. 6/10

Restless Spirits - st - Project never quite hits top gear. I like some songs and plenty does little for me. 6/10

Sinners Bleed - Absolution - brutal tech death. Does have great moments but too much straightforward bludgeon and little catchiness. 6/10

Solarus - Darkest Days - Symphonic power from Canada. Female vocals. Find her annoying. Music is very good. 6/10

Soto - Origami - In the end the album as a whole doesn't quite work out for me. It is his best under SOTO banner though. 6/10

Starkill - Gravity - quite good but weak female vocals kill this. 6/10

Taken - Unchained - Spanish power metal. Bad accent but not that bad just too forgettable. 6/10

Exitus - Undead EP. 7 tracks of old school thrash. Not bad at all but vocals weak. 6.5/10

Invicta - Halls of Extinction - aggressive thrash. not bad. 6.5/10

Kubera - Inhaerens - Heavy and jarring death grooves. Stabby bass attack. 6.5/10

Midnight Priest - Aggressive Hauntings - trad metal. All ingredients point to goodness but it just fails to ignite and average sound doesn't help matters. 6.5/10

N’Tribe - Root´N´ Branch - 4 tracker from Royal Hunt spin off. Not bad at all. Maybe a full length some day. 6.5/10

Nocturnus A.D. - Paradox - So wanted to love this comeback but production stops me from doing so. Far too muddy a mix. Everything else sounds like classic Nocturnus, who I admit are not a band I ever loved in the first place. 6.5/10

Warsickness - Sick Existence - Decent thrash metal good riffs. 6.5/10

Aeon Zen - Inveritas - UK prog metal return. Just below top tier prog metal bands but very listenable. Lacking in big hooks. Instruments masterful. 7/10

At The Dawn - The Battle To Come - accented Italian power metal but well executed and heroic. 7/10

Blazon Stone - Hymns Of Triumph And Death - RW tribute act does a fair job of impersonating the Cap'n while he's missing overboard! 7/10

Diamond Head - The Coffin Train - surprisingly good but not loving all of it. Solid enough nd I'll see them with Last In Line soon. 7/10

Maniac Abductor - Casualties of Causality - Evil and hammering thrash metal sickness! 7/10

Paladin - Ascension - shredding power metal with mixed vocals. Far too much rasping vox brings this way down but music is way OTT. Like Bodom but even more crazy at times. 7/10

Protector - Summon the Hordes - Fun thrash to move around to. 7/10

Riot City - Burn The Night - Screeching hioctane power/trad. Fun for a while! 7/10

Ruthless - Evil Within - Heavy hitting US metal. Ballsy but lacks big hooks still solid as a rock. 7/10

Storm Seeker - Beneath In The Sky - Folky trad pirate metal. Fun for a while and puts a smile on your face. 7/10

War Curse - Eradication - full on thrash. Works well but not amazing. 7/10

CELESTIVL - TenTimesTwo - Interesting band from the UK playing symph melodic metal with angel like vocals. Like old Within Temptation. Rather listenable. 7.5/10

Misanthropy - Path of Ashes - Female fronted ripping thrash. Amazing riffs. her rasping gets annoying after a while though but the music rips my face off. 7.5/10

Mortado - Rupert the King - Yet another decent thrash record for this month. There's been a few. 7.5/10

Rammstein - st - I like a fair chunk of this I must admit. Not a big fan of theirs at all but I like some songs here and there and I like some of these upbeat tunes a lot have to admit. 7/10

Siamese - Super Human - Dam these boys can write some epic hooks. There's a few cringy moments but the melodies are just addictive - 7.5/10

Whitesnake - Flesh & Blood - Good solid comeback from Cov and crew. Cov's voice has seen better days but there's some jammin' riffs here. 7.5/10

Woslom - Paranoia EP, Only 4 tracks but I love this thrashing beast. 7.5/10

Amon Amarth - Berserker - No surprises from the Vikings. Bang your heads with the Swedish hordes.. 8/10

Amulet - The Inevitable War - London based trad metal crew. Very good indeed. High pitched trad metal with galloping true metal songs. Seen them live twice lately too and bought the CD from the guitarist to help them out. Good guys too. 8/10

Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild - Yes we are heading back to the 80s peeps. Just a continuation of the last album. Rollicking fun times with da Lixx.. 8/10

Gladenfold - When Gods Descend - OTT epic sympho power metal with clean and raspy vocals. I love OTT stuff and boy do Gladenfold go OTT. 8/10

Grimgotts - Dragons of the Ages - When I heard this cheesy English power metal band in the past I thought they had a long way to go but lo and behold on album number one and they've gone and bloody done it. iron out the eaknesses and made an OTT dragon infested cheesy power metal albumn with plenty of humour and some great music too. Fun times with the Grimgotts!(I keep saying "Grimguts" in my brain sounds funnier lol) 8/10

Vanishing Signs - st - Very pleasantly surprised with this project of classic melodic metal/rock. Very good songs and vocals throughout. 8/10

First Signal - Line Of Fire - Very damn good return for this Frontiers project featuring Harry Hess. I love almost all the songs minus the ballads. 8.5/10

Inanimate Existence - Clockwork - Oh yes...I love this OTT double kick infested tech death jamboree. Note ridden riffs fly at you from all angles while woody woodpecker hammers away on the double bass. Epic! 8.5/10

M.I.GOD. - Specters On Parade - Have to give thanks to Glen from Progpower USA for this one as I would've ignored it pretty much barring for stumbling on the thread in PMX Rising. I loved almost all of this. Very cleanly executed melodic prog metal class. 8.5/10

Myrath - Shehili - Just more of the same goodness from the Tunisians. I love Oriental sounds in metal anyway so this is a big positive in this band. Good vocals as always. Just continuing on from the last album. 8.5/10

X-Romance - Voices From The Past - There was a band called Romance in the past apparently but they never got going anyway they re-assembled and re-recorded old tunes and polished them up under the X-Romance moniker and boy does it sound great. If you love AOR like me, this is an absolute no brainer. Monster choruses all over the shop and super slick production. 8.5/10

and here we are finally at the AOTM winner...

Savage Messiah - Demons. This album super is bad ass near enough all the way. The most melodic they've ever been, and dare I say it the heaviest and crunchiest too. Sure some of the out and out blazing thrash is history but for me it's better to be melodic and catchy and Dave Silver's crew sure are all that on this album. Everything is in precision mode and working like clockwork. Any metal fan from whatever styles would be able to get something out of this as it has appeal across the board pretty much. Great stuff. 9/10

So what's up in June?

Diviner - Realms of Time - this will take up a great deal of my time no doubt.
Majestica - Above The Sky - and this!
Xentrix - Bury the Pain
Sweet Oblivion with Geoff Tate
Chaos Magic - Furyborn
Freternia - The Gathering
The Lord Weird Slough Feg - New Organon
Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Return to Eden
Memoriam - Requiem for Mankind
Teramaze - Are We Soldiers
Majesty - Legends
Turilli / Lione Rhapsody - Zero Gravity (Rebirth And Evolution)
Rob Moratti - Renaissance

The end of the first half of the year will be a little quiet but will feature 3-4 cracking releases. And by the end we can look back on a decent first half of the year and get a top 20-30 going...

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