Re: Hey Nos, check this album (rest of you ignore)

Date:2019-05-25 16:43:47
In Reply To:Re: Hey Nos, check this album (rest of you ignore) by Nosferatwo
I don't know. The first track was great, but then there were those dubstep moments and a few hip-hop cadences I didn't like much at all. And I think his voice might be a bit too fluffy. I'd say they're a work in progress.
I get you. You have to listen to some of these through gritted teeth. But the hooks are all over it. You being a non-metalhead you can easily swim these I have to watch my back like a hawk lol!

But I still can't resist a catchy line however it's delivered. Even if it's by a namby pamby boy like in this band Siamese! Keep listening and see how the hooks grab you.

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