Hey Nos, check this album (rest of you ignore)

Date:2019-05-25 09:21:50
Edited:2019-05-25 09:38:56
Siamese - Super Human

Big, catchy, pop melodies here bro. Let's call it modern boy band, dub metal. Some of the big dreamy vocal melodies soar damn high. The chorus on Ocean Bed is stuck in my head like super glue. The title track is dubstep pop but the chorus is again seriously hooky. These youngsters know about monster hooks alright. Then there's the song Animals - monster chorus central and there's plenty more after too. Chorus monsters these boys. What do you think mate? Any hope for these pop boys?

http://rocklobster.org/album/12b823368864f1cdd190be3b9bba29a5/ - whole thing

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