Here's something I didn't think I would say, regarding Geoff Tate:

Date:2019-05-22 18:12:27
He wins the award for best Frontiers record in June.

I would say that, vocally, he still sounds rough and not at all 'good', but he's got a solid set of songs written for him. Old QR fans are going to love it, I assume.

It also means the other stuff is awful. Tolkki's new one is super bland, generic power metal. Other than Anneke, the singers aren't great either. Tolkki seems to have no idea what to do with a singer who isn't ear-piercing, as poor Zach gets drowned in echo on one song, and buried in the mix in another.

But worse than that is the Neal Morse Jesus musical. Holy crap what a mess that turned out to be. It's his worst dad-rock, wannabe theater songs ever, and it's beat you over the head evangelical. Plus, it's two f'n discs long. I'm a fan of the guy, and I look past his preaching most of the time, but hell no. I'm not sitting through this thing ever again.
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