Re: Another pricing rant

Date:2019-05-22 15:37:16
In Reply To:Re: Another pricing rant by The Tall Dwarf
You've been to Sweden right?
I have indeed. Used to love that street with about 20 used cd stores. St.Eriksplan is the station if I remember.

Then you k ow what we have to pay for new music here. £16-17 and more have been the regular price for pretty long now. Cheaper than that is only on sales.
I know it very well lol! In Sweden I make sure I take more money than I need in general. Coz I know that sucker is getting spent in no time! 😅

This last time I went was the first time I didn’t buy any music at all. Prices just too big to justify. When I’m abroad sometimes I see new music as a souvenir almost and a reminder of that place but even that system has bitten the dust with me. Oh well...

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