Re: New Tunes

Date:2019-05-19 03:35:46
Edited:2019-05-19 03:36:04
In Reply To:New Tunes by Pirage
A few tunes to wake up to this cloudy Saturday morn!

Liv Sin - Blood Moon Fever
Not a bad effort from Liv. More melodic than usual from her. Should be her best album.
Quite good.

Majesty - Wasteland Outlaw
Second single from the German Manowarriors. The first single had us doing a double take and this one does the same. Mainly cox Tarek's gone for a trendyboy crewcut! Classic boy! He looks like the spitting image of Gary Numan I kid you not! The song itself is great. Very catchy. But Tarek you're killing us dude with that cut!
Song is good, don't care about the hair! ;)

Savage Messiah - The Bitter Truth
The topical band of the day with a new vid. Very cool tune, nice melodies in the chorus.
Excellent. Album is very good as well.

JSS - HyperMania
Yeah great track. This will easily be Jeff's best under SOTO banner.
I enjoyed the first 2 quite a bit, not sure this will be the best, as it's quite similar, but I enjoy the 3 trx so far.

Trivium - Drowning In the Sound
A switch away from metalcore again. Don't think this is part of any album but it's a really nice song.
I'd love if they'd play that style all the time... Fuck metalcore...
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