Re: New Eclipse - let the hype begin!

Date:2019-05-17 21:32:45
In Reply To:Re: New Eclipse - let the hype begin! by Nosferatwo
I'm sure Frontiers probably told Erik to recharge his batteries and come storming back.
I'd like to think they would do that with all their artists, but the business model doesn't allow for it. Way too many of their guys are doing too much, whether it's writing, playing, or singing.
Frontiers is defo quantity over quality SOMETIMES, but their in house team are highly skilled. If they throw enough out there some of it will stick..that's the motto at it or lump it as fans. They don't expect everyone to buy every singel album that comes out on the label but if you wait long enough sooner or later an album to your(general your) liking will come along. EG we waited a while but they gave us First Signal which is now what I class as a cracking release. There more I play the more I love it. Could even be as good as HS's United who knows. BTW I noticed something while I was listening to it this very afternoon. Harry's voice almost sounds exactly like Jeff at times...weird hehe!
That's why I was saying I didn't get the least bit excited about the Restless Spirits album that came out today. I've more than had my fill of Deen and Johnny for a while.
I haven't got round to playing that yet, but I'm hopeful. Only thing that worries me is that it doesn't have too many slow songs. That would kill my vibe quick. Need energy.
I still can't believe you'd want Ronnie to sing over Erik himself though.
Erik's almost too clean for me.
lol he's like a backstreet boy wannabe rocker! I get you..but I'm down wit that...

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