Re: New Black Star Riders:

Date:2019-05-17 21:04:35
In Reply To:New Black Star Riders: by Nosferatwo

Um... why do the guitars sound so washed out and weak? The production on this is really weird. Like the Volbeat song, the melodies are starting to sound repetitive here too. It's solid, but I don't know why I wouldn't just listen to "All Hell Breaks Loose", since it sounds better, and fresher still.
Just listening now. Actually like the feel of the song. Emerald feel. Production is a bit raw but not that disastrous. For those who miss Thin Lizzy it's a good nostalgia trip if nothing else. Ricky sounds decent. BSR has always been a 4-5 good songs an album type of band to me. I'll give it a shot but fully expect to not like a full album. But this song is pretty ok if it's basically a remake of former Lizzy glories.

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