Re: New Eclipse - let the hype begin!

Date:2019-05-17 20:58:52
In Reply To:Re: New Eclipse - let the hype begin! by Nosferatwo
It's out in October.
I'm assuming it will be good, and I'll still end up saying I'd rather have Ronnie Atkins singing it as another Nordic Union record instead.

So how is it Erik is going to make it just about a year without releasing a new album? Is that even possible for him after three last year?
Frontiers probably gave him a break, plus Eclipse has been touring much more. I follow them on Insta and they're always galavanting around somewhere playing shows. The more you tour the less chance to write songs I guess. They just announced another Euro tour in Nov after the album is out however I see no London date which has wiped the smile clean off my face. No live Eclipse experience for me this year which is a shame but I'm sure they'll be back sooner or later as the only way to build a following is to tour more. Last time the gig was pretty much sold out a solid 300 in a sweaty small club. But some monumentum(ahem!) has been lost since then and I think Germany is now their main target in Europe judging by how many dates I see there.

I'm sure Frontiers probably told Erik to recharge his batteries and come storming back. I still can't believe you'd want Ronnie to sing over Erik himself though. That's insane to me. That'd be a huge turn off for me plus we have NU for that. Not saying Ronnie is bad but the man's voice is rough as asndpaper and not what Eclipse is about which needs a youthful high energy, rampant voice. Erik is perfect as lead singer, get with the program bro! lol!

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