Re: New Volbeat:

Date:2019-05-15 23:51:13
In Reply To:Re: New Volbeat: by Pirage

Album comes out in August.

I like Volbeat, and thought the last album was right there as maybe their best, but they're definitely getting to the point where certain licks and melodies are starting to feel overly familiar. It's still good, but I can't help feeling I've heard it before.
Doesn't matter. Sure it's familiar. They didn't fix nothing. But the song is great for me. Melodic catchy heavy metal. If you need Volbeat to change then yeah you can be like whatever but I'm happy with this. I'm sure there'll be some heavier and epic songs too like on the last album. This is the simple rocking single plus that chorus gets stuck in your head after one play..good hyped start for the album to come. 90% of Volbeat fans will be happy.
Verses of the new song are fine, but fuck that chorus is way too sugary and poppy... Volbeat is slowly selling out as it seems... Started with the last album and seems to be going on with this one... It sucks bad... They must think that they'll gain more new fans by becoming lighter and lighter. Too bad...
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