Re: Savage Messiah ...

Date:2019-05-15 15:41:16
In Reply To:Re: Savage Messiah ... by Guillaume
Again .... to me, they are 3rd tier. The likes of Artillery do this stuff much better.
I like recent Artillery as well, but it doesn't take anything away from Savage Messiah. I guess SM has more potential to reach a bigger audience than Artillery...
Dave Silver, band leader has slowly moved away from out and out thrash. I think he's always wanted SM to become a band like Megadeth but he's probably got delusions of grandeur. More streamlined melodic heavy metal is his aim. But so far the masses have been very resistant and SM remains deep underground. The problem is the youth these days only respond to scream scream scream and a big clean vox followed by a breakdown and SM doesn't do that structure obviously lol..

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