Re: Savage Messiah ...

Date:2019-05-15 13:12:13
Edited:2019-05-15 13:13:38
In Reply To:Savage Messiah ... by Uziel
.. this UK band have a new one out "Demons". Really do not know how I feel about these guys. Their brand of Metallica meets Megadeth thrash with a twist of power is ok. Just ok. Problem is 1) they rarely write a really memorable song and 2) the singer really should concentrate on the guitar and hand over vocal duties to someone else. He really is not very good. I think a huge part of if is a Dave Mustaine type of ego thing with him.
I didn't hear the new one yet, but loved the previous one. Many were disappointed because it was less thrashy than previous stuff, but I thought it was excellent. I saw them live at ProgPower a few years ago and they are great live. I have absolutely no problems with the vocals, the dude is good and the vox fits the music.

Can't wait to hear Demons! Here's the 1st single:

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