Re: Whitesnake - Flesh and Blood

Date:2019-05-14 18:47:42
In Reply To:Whitesnake - Flesh and Blood by Pirage
Cov's vocals are shot but with studio tricks he's ok if rough around the edges
Yeah, his voice is really rough these days. I'm not much of a Whitesnake fan to begin with, but it was tough to listen to him get through this one.
Arch is fucking incredibly annoying. He's so annoying that I'd rather have Labrie sing on this and I don't like him either
I find voices rather fascinating, since you mention LaBrie. He is in a similar range and tonality, yet I don't mind James most of the time. In fact, I think he's been great on his last couple solo records.

There's something rather visceral about our reactions to singers. I'm sure a bunch from that list I posted not long ago would get shrugs from many here, as your lists would from me. It's hard to explain.
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