Whitesnake - Flesh and Blood

Date:2019-05-14 18:14:46
Very pleasantly surprised with this. Not saying it's amazing but I quite enjoyed a quick listen to this. Starting at 7/10 and might reach 8. The production and playing are all top notch. Cov's vocals are shot but with studio tricks he's ok if rough around the edges but you can cut him some slack he's 70. Could have done with a few bigger choruses but my first listen was surprisingly decent like I said.

On another note I listened to the Arch/Matheos album and damn it I'm in Nos's camp lol. I hate to agree with that dude but yes Nos you are on the money. Arch is fucking incredibly annoying. He's so annoying that I'd rather have Labrie sing on this and I don't like him either but I can stomach his nasal whine way more than Arch's. What's worse is the music is fantastically produced but Arch's whining just makes me wanna cry to my mummy to make the bad man stop... hehe!

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