Date:2019-05-13 17:38:01
In Reply To:Re: by von
DeMaio's behavior is insane...I couldn't stop staring at his glass eye. :P
Bwahaha, it's like Wayne's World II, haha. As he is known among some that had enough of his rock star shit "that glass-eyed motherfucker"
“I’m a partial ocular albino “. Haha. Great scene. Great movie too. That crazy ass British guy that tells the M&M story made that movie for me
As far as Adams goes. Good question. They probably have a good relationship and a singer who has become the signature sound of your band is kind of hard to replace. Joey probably knows nobody will deal with him and he may not be like that towards Eric. They also live in the same town. Eric is an outdoorsman and does charter fishing and hunting trips for people so Manowar is his occasional escape from reality.
They had a landscaping business together :D Lou is a fucking hunting editor for a Texas wildlife magazine:) He just wants to be done already, but Joey won't let go.
Lou. is a cool cat. He’s been in my show a few times for interviews. We talked a lot about what he does for a living off the record. In fact he is like the opposite of Joey. On the last two releases you can tell the passion and fire are gone.
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