Re: Avantasia - Metro Theatre, Sydney 12/05/19

Date:2019-05-13 12:36:20
In Reply To:Avantasia - Metro Theatre, Sydney 12/05/19 by graham
Avantasia's first ever gig in Australia and what a blinder it was.
The Metro is the centre of Sydney and holds around 1,100.
Venue was pretty near full, I had a great spot fairly high up just left of centre.

The sound was great not too loud and mix almost perfect after a couple of songs.
I had no idea what the setlist was, so I was pretty blown away with the entire show.
All the vocalist got a good couple of songs and a little more.
Tobi was great, his banter humorous as ever, the crowd was one of the loudest I've heard.

Highlights, Jorn blew all the other vocals right away, apart from Tate who sounded great.
The female backing singer (Adrianne) also got to sing a few leads.
The band sounded great, Felix was a monster behind the kit.


Easily one of the best gigs I have ever seen.
Good to see this is an actual world tour. So many bands never visit far flung places and still call it a world tour. This tour must be making big bucks for that whole troup to travel to Oz. It'll keep Tobi making new albums that's for sure...

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