Re: Manowar The Final Battle EP

Date:2019-05-13 00:21:41
In Reply To:Re: Manowar The Final Battle EP by Nosferatwo

It's absolute garbage. A truly, utterly wretched release that never should have seen the light of day, given how pathetic it sounds.
Now the question: who is playing guitar on the Sword of the Highlands track. Is that Ross the Boss?
My guess is that Joey was playing all the rhythm guitar. It sounded like his crap-tastic bass playing from the last album, and it's in line with his being too cheap to hire a new player to do it.

Or, the other possibility is it's still Karl (Did they ever officially kick him out? I don't remember hearing about it.), so the EP might feature an (alleged) child porn lover.
I have not heard it but your assessment on the EP sounds like what mine was for the last album.

As far as the Karl situation......nobody knows whats going on. I would have done the same thing the band did. Quietly dismiss him and go on your way. I GET where you are coming from, if he actually did this then he's a complete fucking piece of shit. Evidence is pointing out that he had videos of 12 years olds getting choked and banged by dudes. That to me is utterly disgusting and vile and my thoughts on that are probably angrier than yours are as a father of two kids (don't know if you have kids or not but if you do, you get it even more).

They probably kicked him out and haven't said anything because since courts are touchy about shit like that, or lawyers are they don't want their press release to have a possible affect on the trial if there is one. Not saying he's guilty but the evidence says he was in possession of this shit and when they find these things they usually find out more.

The band didn't want to make a big deal out of it and quietly let him go without any details. Smart way to go.
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