Re: Another pricing rant

Date:2019-05-11 15:42:42
In Reply To:Re: Another pricing rant by Pirage
I think I read somewhere that the average cookie cutter Frontiers release barely makes the studio money back from sales. However the big bands they have on their roster make enough dough for the label to cover for all the smaller projects they love doing.
That's how most businesses work. They put out as much as they can, hoping one of the smaller things will catch fire and become their next profit base. Given that they've generated press, I'm sure a band like Inglorious makes them some money at this point.

Putting aside the quality, does anyone think a solo project from Harry Hess is going to move units and make a lot of money? Of course not.
Go digital or be damned or only buy the absolute best that you love on disk.
For most things, I'm happy with the downloads I get. I only go out of my way to get the stuff at the top of the mountain. So in a year, I'll collect a hundred albums digitally, but I'll only buy around ten or so. But since they're likely to be the ones I listen to the most, it works out.
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