Re: Another pricing rant

Author:Steve B.
Date:2019-05-11 15:33:31
In Reply To:Another pricing rant by Pirage
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Well, partly for this reason, the other for immediate gratification (get the D/L immediately) and convenience (never actually listen to the CD's, I just immediately rip them and listen to digital files), I have have gone basically digital after 20+ years of collecting over 6,000 CD's. Also, many downloads are better than CD quality, so in my mind I am getting better sound (can I actually hear a difference, well no, but it should be better) I only D/L 44.1/16 or better, never MP3. I also find myself streaming tidal a hell of a lot so I am not even in a rush to buy stuff on release day anymore like I have done for 20 years.

This was a big change for me!
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