Re: Another pricing rant

Date:2019-05-11 15:18:59
In Reply To:Re: Another pricing rant by Nosferatwo
I just don't get it their pricing on certain items. Must be coming from the record companies but seriously if you are a fan of physical you get raped at Amazon in general.
It absolutely comes from the labels. Amazon can only sell stuff for a profit margin over the wholesale price. The smaller labels use higher prices to boost their own revenue, since the die-hards are going to buy the albums anyway, and they know there's no way they're going to attract many more sales with a lower price. There aren't enough fans of a lot of these bands.
I think I read somewhere that the average cookie cutter Frontiers release barely makes the studio money back from sales. However the big bands they have on their roster make enough dough for the label to cover for all the smaller projects they love doing. Basically they flood the market good or bad and make enough cash to keep the music going. For example the Whitesnake, good bad or indifferent will maybe shift 100k worldwide for all the nostalgia rock lovers. However the new Crazy Lixx will sell probably 5k max making the label zilch but they get it back from Whitesnake.

Still the price for physical music is slowly just becoming untenable. Go digital or be damned or only buy the absolute best that you love on disk...unless you're bonkers like John Frank lol!

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