Another pricing rant

Date:2019-05-11 10:53:13
Edited:2019-05-11 15:22:24
I've gone off one one of these before but need to vent again.

The pricing for new music from Amazon has gone insane!

Really what the hell is going on. I know Jeff Bezos needs a few quid for his divorce settlement but this is getting silly..

New Sabaton 2 CD Earbook version - £39.99 - call it 40 of our precious pounds! Ok it comes with a 36p booklet and a second cd called "history version" telling you about each song but that's really steep! The single cd is 10.99 which is ok the real collectors will have to fork out heavy! Madness!

New Hammerfall album Dominion pre order - £16.51. Way too high.
4 track Manowar ep £11.36! 4 tracks 1 intro. Bloody hell...
Frontiers releases mostly starting at £15 and heading north to £17-18
and yet the digital download for all these is around £8. Basically Amazon is saying don't buy physical coz if you do you'll pay double.

and yet new Grand Magus, Myrath and Amon Amarth are all £9.99 very reasonable. I just don't get it their pricing on certain items. Must be coming from the record companies but seriously if you are a fan of physical you get raped at Amazon in general.

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