Re: Hey Nos...

Date:2019-05-09 13:41:24
In Reply To:Re: Hey Nos... by Nosferatwo
Crazy Lixx and First Signal both rule right? I mean right?? :-)
I wouldn't use the word 'rule', but they're both good, yeah. A bit heavy on the 80s (I'm tired of that sound), but definitely good stuff I'm more than happy with.
Well even a little praise is good coming from you. At least Frontiers have shown they can bring us the goods even though you like to bash them mercilessly. Don't be down on 80s either bro. It's the base for a lot of the music we love. Sure it's good to like modern but you shouldn't ridicule the 80s so much. It's like biting the hand that feeds you. I'm sure you'll have an answer for me though lol!

That Restless Spirits one, though.....
Bad? I liked one song and not the other so far. Still hopeful though..

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