Date:2019-05-07 02:40:21
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2. Ross wants to get in on it, to be sure; he's hopeful and has been for a while, but he wants adequate pay, and, at least as of last month, Joey isn't going for that, or even listening. That's more or less from the cat's much.
DeMaio's behavior will be an eternal mystery to me. I really have to wonder if he is right in the head these days. I could understand not wanting Ross back if there was some kind of extremely serious personal issue between the two of them, but is Joey really such a tightwad that he can't afford a decent salary for a founding member of the band, a member whose return would surely spark a lot of interest and press?

Then there is that last album, Lord of Steel. I don't think they could have put together something worse if they tried. Is this a George Lucas situation, where there is literally no one in the room willing or able to tell Demaio "No" so whatever dumbass notion that comes into his head, he moves forward with? That would seem to be the case.

There is the constant buffoonery of over-hyped, over-blown promises. Does he not see people reading this and rolling their eyes, or is this all a big joke that he is in on?

I am amazed that Adams has stuck with DeMaio all of these years.

The federal government can best be summarized as follows: foxes rearranging deck chairs on a floating henhouse called the Titanic.
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