Re: Manowar The Final Battle EP

Date:2019-05-06 19:12:44
In Reply To:Manowar The Final Battle EP by coreystinson

I took a piss on this over on the PM:X board, mainly because of the monumental B.S. that Joey is telling about it.
We had a thread here too but it didn't amount to much either..only Nos refusing to hear it lol.

There is one great song on this album though: Sword of the Highlands
Have to agree. It's a great song. Always loved Manowar's stirring epic ballads.

I think this might actually be a new song as opposed to Blood and Steel which I'm 99% satisfied is just a leftover from the Lord of Steel sessions.
The problem with that song is the powder puff sound especially after Joey said it was the most amazing Manowar sound yet. Laughably abysmal.

Now the question: who is playing guitar on the Sword of the Highlands track. Is that Ross the Boss? That is the vibe I get. Is this Joey test-marketing a Ross return?
Don't care too much but I guess it's probably Joey as Nos says coz he'd have to pay anyone else.

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