Date:2019-05-06 17:32:12
Edited:2019-05-06 17:33:24
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Nosferatwo proclaimed:
From what I know, it isn't Logan.
As far as his status, they won't even address his situation, they just won't talk about it, that's their MO.
I didn't really think they'd be dumb enough to include him. I still find it pretty damn contemptible of them they won't even tell us what's going on. Silence, in this case, can give the impression they're supporting Karl.
They're just saving their ass. It's their idea of damage control. Their way of handling things has always been, if you ignore it, it'll go away...That's how they deal with any sideline, they either lie about it, or flat out ignore it. I think they believe addressing this situation might actually do more harm, which may be so, keeping in mind their whole macho thing. So they just erased him.

If you're really interested, court cases are actually public records, so one doesn't have to rely on bullshit vague statements and press releases. if one knows the court district, in most cases it's easy to look up. For example, when Bobby fucking Liebling and Allen goddamn-dude West got arrested, I'd just look up the court records, and the whole story and all the court proceedings following were there.

Heck, Shankle put out a statement to that effect. If he does ever get his new project off the ground, there's no chance in hell I'm listening to it now.
Fuck him and his projects. Shankle just came off as a desperate dumbass. I think he was just desperate to get back in. Fat chance, pun intended.
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