Re: few more

Date:2019-05-06 11:45:43
In Reply To:Fields of Verdun by Pirage
New Teramaze track

The chorus has a great melody. The track is a bit busy but the vocal melodies are really excellent. The middle section when it allows breath is really great. Apparently this is their original singer. I loved their last album with the last singer, but this is a super impressive start.

New Rainbow track.
Actually quite pleasant. A bit too honky tonk bluesy for my taste but still decent if a little simple. Ronnie sounds very good.

Liv Sin - Slave To the Machine
Not a bad regular metal song. Better than many of her past efforts.

Freternia - Reborn.
Vaguely recall this band. Don't remember then sounding this good. Heavy melodic power metal.

Xentrix - Bleeding Out
Meat and potatoes thrash from UK vets. One for old school thrashers.

Stormhammer - Seven Seals
German fist pumping true metal. Bring on the cheese brothers of steel! (Shhh no one tell!)

Gladenfold - Brothers
Neo-classical symphonic power/speed death. Bodom had a baby with Stratovarius. Somehow it all works.

Beltane - The King Of The Seas
No clue about these Brazilians. It's not perfect but it's not bad for a bunch of unknowns from Brazil. Nice riffs.

War Curse - Serpent
Thrashers...rev your engines..vrooommmm

Bewitcher - Hexenkrieg
Super raw blackened trad metal. These guys are actually Supporting Visigoth in a few weeks. I should hate this and I don't like it but I think if I get a couple of beers down me I'll be raising the horns anyway!

Paladin - Shoot For The Sun
Speed thrashy shredfest. Album out in a while. I enjoy shredding what can I say.

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