Re: Few more tunes of a Saturday morn...

Date:2019-05-04 10:00:16
Edited:2019-05-04 11:29:23
In Reply To:Fields of Verdun by Pirage
The Brink - Are You With Me

Fun little poppy rock tune. Nos you might like this bro who knows. I've actually seen these guys live. Pretty cool band.

Beyond The Black - through the Mirror
Very catchy this one. A bit moody but very good and going for the Euro pop goth angle rather than power or prog metal. Best I've heard from this band. Helps she's a bit easy on the eyes hehe..

Kryptos - Red Dawn
Catchy old school 80s with a raspy voice from India hehe! So he can't sing but he seems to fit well with the mid tempo music. Nice melodic solo later too.

SOTO - Origami
I haven't heard this second track from the album until now. It seems Jeff has abandoned the modern styled metal almost. It still sounds modern but it has a classic prog metal feel without the constant tempo changes. Not won over by the vocal melodies in this song though but the playing is top notch.

Bad Habit - Love Will Find A Way
Metallers look the other way. Happy sunny AOR ballad from the Swedes.

Faith In Failure - Hero.
Really like this heavy and melodic modern tune.

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