Re: April Round Up

Author:The Surfing Alien
Date:2019-05-03 01:27:29
In Reply To:April Round Up by Pirage
Fortune - II - 5/10
I really liked this one. Nice singing and good songs. A standout AOR disc IMO.

Jim Peterik & World Stage - Winds Of Change 6/10
Pleasant show tunes with AOR feel but poor production. Lots of different voices. About 3-4 great songs like the ones with Toby Hitchcock and a few others. Forgettable in the end.
Hitchcock huh, I have to check this out then.

Enforcer - Zenith - 6.5/10
They never topped Diamonds IMO. This one is just so so.

Triple Kill - Age of Rebellion - 7/10
whoa, excellent power thrash. one of the best things I've heard in a while.

Age Of Artemis - Monomyth 7.5/10
seems solid. singer is ok. overall probably won't return to this.

Sister Shotgun - Fragments - 7.5/10
eh , I thought it was just ok to be honest from a few Youtube tracks.

Exxocet - Mighty Jungle - 8/10
this got me excited but the singer lets it down. just not up to the task. If somebody like the first Lillian Axe guy sang wouldve been better. but after some listening, maybe not that amazing after all even musically.
Frozen Crown - Crowned in Frost - 8/10
will check it out, but somehow nothing from this band sounds quite as good as the first video single from last album. the ingredients are there though, so I'll keep trying.
Steel Prophet - The God Machine - 8/10
video single was kind of forgettable, but I'll give this a listen as a long time fave.
Anthem - Nucleus - 8.5/10
Probably one of the best albums every released from a Japanese band.
yeah this is really badass. I had no idea. Will need to check into their past discography. They have that patented aggressive Japanese guitar tone that's really cool.
as an aside, came across this really really young Japanese band peddling similar stuff. somehow they even managed to do a brief tour of US already. no singer yet though the lead guitarist chick has charisma to spare.
Axenstar - End of All Hope - 8.5/10
youtube track sounded OK, hope for more from full album.
West of Hell - Blood of the Infidel - 8.5/10
sounds great! singer definitely elevates this stuff.
Silver Bullet - Mooncult - 8.75/10
pretty good stuff here!
Myrath - Shehili
I am just about ready to give up on these guys as a studio band. much too fluffy lately. their live set at ProgPower a few years ago was one of the best shows I've ever seen though. Never got the same vibe and power from their studio recordings though
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