Re: Dan Swano ..

Date:2019-05-01 13:50:47
In Reply To:Dan Swano .. by Uziel
... am on a Swano trip at the moment. Man, this guy has been involved in some great work. Have been listening to the last four "Nightingale" albums and the "Witherscape" stuff too. Also, his cover versions from "Odyssey" and "The New Tomorrow" e.p. etc. Just love his baritone clean vocals ... (not a big fan of the growlies, although he does them very well). Love the '70's vibe of a lot of his material.
He's a phenomenal vocalist. The last two Nightingale albums are fantastic melodic rock, and while I haven't been as big on Witherscape, "Moontower" is still my favorite death metal album (debatable if it really is one, I know), and the best growling performance I've ever heard.
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