Re: April Round Up

Date:2019-05-01 02:50:50
In Reply To:April Round Up by Pirage
Enforcer - Zenith - 6.5/10
It has its great moments but this effort is slightly below par. I expected more from this band but they wanted branch out a bit and not always successfully. The production is also average strangely. Might get up to 7/10 with more plays.
Their lightest, but still quite good.

Hardline - Life - 7/10
Slightly disappointed. Wanted to like this way more. It is good no doubt but I just needed and wanted more.
Heavier tracks rule but not enough of them...

Ossian - A Reményhozó - 7/10
Hungary's biggest heavy metal band. Very solid effort by these vets of the Hungarian metal scene. It has many things to enjoy but has a few dodge moments too. But decent heavy metal lads, pump your fists!
Never really followed them. Maybe I should.

Triple Kill - Age of Rebellion - 7/10
Unknown band playing power metal with modern edge. Great riffs and production and catchy songs here and there. Potential is there.
Never ehard.

Paragon - Controlled Demolition - 7/10
Only time for a quick listen and it's the usual from Paragon. Solid heavy power metal with their own character. Can improve with more plays.

Astral Doors - Worship or Die - 7.5/10
It's Astral Doors. No surprises offered. The songs are mostly enjoyable, a couple of really great ones mainly towards the end. If you're tired of their style this won't help you much. If you like the band in general you'll like this too but it's not a world beater that's for sure.
Much better than the last one, not as good as couple 1st albums. Very solid nonetheless.

Animal Drive - Back to The Roots EP 7.5/10
I shouldn't be rating a covers EP at all really but damn this is good. Singer Dino is the ace in the pack but the music is monstrous. These songs come to life under Animal Drive I tell ya!
Hell yeah, excellent covers and Dino rules the show. New vocal star.

Lance King - ReProgram 7.5/10
Believe it or not I was thinking this would get an 8 or 8.5 but I had to tone it down a little as the production is slightly flat. It is good though. Melodic and classy prog metal with interesting lyrics for the cynical intellectuals out there hehe!
Really good stuff.

N.EX.U.S - st - 7.5/10
Very pleasant and easy on the ear this album from Italian these prog metallers. Singer is accented here and there but he actually makes the album for me. I love his style and tone.
Don't know.

Exxocet - Mighty Jungle - 8/10
This is my fun disk of the month. Glammy, super cool heavy metal/rock. Catchy as a bad rash this shit. I still think they needed an extra "x" in their name though lol!
Don't know.

Steel Prophet - The God Machine - 8/10
My hopes were initially low after the first single however having heard the whole thing I'm pretty impressed with this comeback. RD Liapakis has breathed new life into this band. The songs are mostly very solid with a few crackers. Nice comeback lads!
Indeed. Excellent, RD fits great, might be their best ever for me!

Anthem - Nucleus - 8.5/10
Probably one of the best albums every released from a Japanese band. I still love Galneryus more but this Anthem album is up there. Pretty heavy, always very melodic and fantastically produced. Melodic metal fans the world over will be happy.
Still the best Jap metal band ever for me. Excellent. My kind of power metal.

Axenstar - End of All Hope - 8.5/10
The Swedes are back with a great effort. Great music, nice melodic vocals and cool songs. Great up tempo drumming too. Very pleased with this.
Never cared, didn't check.

Exumer - Hostile Defiance - 8.5/10
Super underrated German thrash stalwarts. They've returned with a great slab of speeding thrash metal. Riffs to bang to till your head falls off. Great vocals!
Enjoyed their earlier 80s albums, I'll check this one out.

Grand Magus - Wolf God - 8.5/10
Out Manowaring Manowar! GM didn't change anything. If you can't stand the molten metal get outta the molten metal factory!
Excellent indeed even though more of the same. But I don't mind.

Leverage - Determinus - 8.5/10
More epic melodic metal from the Finns. Great follow up to the promising ep. Losing Pekka might have been an issue but this band had other ideas. So many cool bits happen in these songs. They really like to push themselves musically and to include dramatic sections or parts you wouldn't normally associate with a straight melodic metal band. Great effort lads!
I like it a lot. I miss Pekka but Kimmo Blom does a great job on vox, despite a naysayer here!

Silver Bullet - Mooncult - 8.75/10
Heavy power metal goodness. Good captivating stuff this... solid as hell vocals, nice choirs and very dramatic too. Just about takes the accolades for April though it was close with a few albums. However well done Silver Bullet. You may be unknowns but you can hold your head up high lads..
I like this one, but not as much as you I'd say.

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