Re: More from Tate's new project:

Date:2019-04-30 19:37:02
In Reply To:More from Tate's new project: by Nosferatwo
I'll be off listening to the new First Signal and Crazy Lixx today instead of this song again.
Now that I've heard them, I'll say this: *shock* I like them.

Ok, I have to temper that with a bit of criticism. They're both good records, but I'm really tired of endless 80s worship. The 80s sounded terrible then, and they don't sound any better now. Stop with the reverb, and the terrible synths. It shocks me how, for as much as people have always loved crapping on Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and the like, a ton of bands now seem intent on trying to be them.
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