Re: More from Tate's new project:

Date:2019-04-30 19:31:33
In Reply To:Re: More from Tate's new project: by Guillaume
Recent QR with La Torre is very good to excellent
I find them boring, and Todd's voice isn't pleasant.
the 2 songs of Tate with Sweet Oblivion are really enjoyable as well and he sounds really good, as he does with Avantasia. One can see he still has the pipes in fine form
He sounds just ok on this stuff. I can hear his range is shot. And like Todd, he has a tone these days that reminds me of a goose honking.

And new Leverage is also excellent with good vox, a singer you call 2nd rate.
Yeah, I think that singer is terrible. I also think Nils Patrick Johansson is terrible. There are similarities there.

And while I'm at it, Tarja has a new single out today. I hate her voice too. Anette is far more enjoyable.
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