Re: More from Tate's new project:

Date:2019-04-30 18:57:27
In Reply To:More from Tate's new project: by Nosferatwo

It's ok. It's in the same realm as what QR is doing without him, which is pretty laughable. He sounds kind of strained on this one, not that his vocal tone has been good in a long time anyway.
Man, you're unbelievable... You make me laugh often ;) You seem to like, what, 1% of all the metal you listen?

Recent QR with La Torre is very good to excellent and the 2 songs of Tate with Sweet Oblivion are really enjoyable as well and he sounds really good, as he does with Avantasia. One can see he still has the pipes in fine form, but has just lost all his writing ablilities. Let him sing, but forgive him to write anything!

And new Leverage is also excellent with good vox, a singer you call 2nd rate.
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