Re: April Round Up

Date:2019-04-29 19:20:35
In Reply To:April Round Up by Pirage
Forever Still - Breathe in Colours 5/10
Sorry Nos no likey.
I like vaguely mainstream rock more than most around these parts, so that's not unexpected.
New Years Day - Unbreakable - 5/10
I don't think they did themselves any favors with the singles they chose. Taking "Come For Me" and "Shut Up" off the record would have made it great. I'm really digging everything else.
Manowar - The Final Battle I (EP) 6.5/10
You're a generous grader. Even if that one track is decent, I wouldn't be able to give it any higher than 2/10 at the very most. The rest, especially the production, is laughably bad. I still think Joey played guitar on it, given how simple and shitty the playing is.

Yours Truly - Afterglow - 7.5/10
I would have liked a full-length, but there's nothing else for me to complain about. We point out a bunch of bands like this, and they're the best of them at the moment.
Whitesnake - Flesh & Blood
S.O.T.O - Origami
Amon Amarth - Berserker
I've already heard these. The Amon Amarth I didn't think was as good as the last one (though I'm not a big death metal fan, so you can probably disregard my opinion), and the Whitesnake is mediocre at best. The SOTO album is pretty good, though. It's got a Sons Of Apollo feel to it.
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