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Date:2019-04-26 21:07:55
In Reply To:Re: Second Scott Stapp Single by Pirage
Obviously I had to google this chap since I have no idea who he is. It turns out it's Marti btw with an i
Yeah, it is. And actually, I spelled his last name wrong too. That's my bad.
and he's worked with a lot of famous people and some big rock bands like Aerosmith and Motley Crue and also Daughtry which figures why he'd work with Stapp. Sounds like the partnership has paid off judging by first two songs.
I remember him most as part of the team that put together the Scorpions' "Humanity: Hour 1" album. He's had a hand in a ton of catchy rock songs. I believe he even wrote a couple for Meat Loaf, now that I think about it.
Quite liked that AoA album but he bailed and it all ended with bad blood. They tried to sue him for leaving them in the lurch or some such thing. I guess they couldn't find another singer since I haven't heard from them since.
That band was always a mess. Weiland got hired to write and sing the first record, then refused to promote it so he could sell his shitty solo record instead. Then the same type of thing happened with Stapp, which makes it sound like the band won't do anything again until Sons Of Apollo breaks up, since Bumblefoot's ties to Guns N Roses are the only reason the band ever got any press in the first place.

But awful guitar tone aside, the first record was the best thing Weiland had done in ages, so I was sad he basically refused to admit it existed. It came out at roughly the same time as his last solo album, and it was laughable how much better it was, even though he says he only did it for the money.
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