Re: Nos' Record Roundup: April

Date:2019-04-26 12:46:18
In Reply To:Re: Nos' Record Roundup: April by Nosferatwo
The Stuff I Didn't Care For:

Hardline, Leverage, Enforcer, Pharlee, Glitter Wizard

All of them either flat, boring, or confusing.
Don't even know the last 2. Who the fuck are they? Should I know them? :-)
No, you shouldn't. They're things that showed up in my inbox. I've listened to them, and I'm not sure I know who they are either.
Fair enough. Only you just mentioned them nonchalantly as if everyone knew hehe.
The Worst: Manowar - Final Battle I

I only listened to the bare minimum to get the idea, and that was more than enough to know how shocking terrible this is. Their last album was flaming garbage, and this one makes that smell like a rose. I should throw trash at Joey next time I see him.
See him often do you? lol1
Thankfully, I only catch a glimpse of him once or twice a year.
You do? That's good. Good and funny seeing a metal warrior going about his business. :-) Get a selfie kicking his ass next time!

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