Re: Nos' Record Roundup: April

Date:2019-04-25 19:39:26
In Reply To:Nos' Record Roundup: April by Nosferatwo
Tank (new versions of old songs with new singer David Readman and a couple guests), Steel Prophet (now with RD Liapakis) and Astral Doors released this week. Not even a mention?

Leverage - Determinus is an excellent album. Sure I miss the great vocals of Pekka Heino but new guy Kimmo Blom does a great job IMO and has a nice vox, quite varied.

Grand Magus is indeed more of the same, but still so good.

The new Enforcer is lighter (more hard rock) and less speedy than the previous ones and it's just damn fine for me. Pretty nice stuff in the same style as a band like Striker.

The rocking songs of the new Hardline are quite good. Still too much mellow stuff overall but Johnny Gioeli's vocals rule supreme.

Silver Bullet is also a nice melodic power metal album.

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