Nos' Record Roundup: April

Date:2019-04-25 18:48:10
I was expecting April to be a bleak month, and it was looking that way right up until the end. It still wasn't what I would call a good month, since there wasn't even a hint of competition for the top spot, but in the last couple days a couple albums got added to the plus side of the ledger, which helped things quite a bit.

Album Of The Month: Yours Truly - Afterglow

It's only an EP, but it was easily the best thing of the month. Yours Truly are sugary and sweet, and I absolutely love them. They fill a nice little hole in my heart. Huzzah for guitar pop!

The Good/Decent Stuff:

New Year's Day - Unbreakable

This one is weird, but interesting. There's a couple singles that are perhaps too modern rock for my taste, but the second half of the album is really good melodic stuff. I wish Ash did more pure singing, but the results are good anyway.

April Art - Rise & Fall

Another female-fronted, somewhat poppy rock band. It's got enough guitars, catchy songs, and a good singer. Not great, but certainly enjoyable stuff.

Sister Shotgun - Fragments

This one fits right in with bands like Skarlett Riot. It's nice modern metal with a good singer and some solid songs too. It doesn't quite get under my skin, but it's a good album to throw on the pile.

Pristine - Road Back To Ruin

Sounds a fair bit like the Blues Pills debut, but not as good. Still enjoyable.

Rob Thomas - Chip Tooth Smile

Yes, the guy from Matchbox Twenty. I was the right age at the time, so I still really like those three pre-hiatus albums. This is him trying to be modern pop, so it's never going to be great. It's got a few more good songs than I thought it might, so it's a passable listen for me.

Grand Magus - Wolf God

Another solid Grand Magus album, but they're all the same, and none of them really get me pumped. It's good, but forgettable.

The Stuff I Didn't Care For:

Hardline, Leverage, Enforcer, Pharlee, Glitter Wizard

All of them either flat, boring, or confusing.

The Worst: Manowar - Final Battle I

I only listened to the bare minimum to get the idea, and that was more than enough to know how shocking terrible this is. Their last album was flaming garbage, and this one makes that smell like a rose. I should throw trash at Joey next time I see him.

As for May, I'm not sure I'm expecting much better. The big names are Whitesnake, Amon Amarth, and Rammstein. I don't really care about any of them. Right now I'm liking Jasmine Cain's album, and the new SOTO is good, but I'm not seeing much else to be excited about.
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