Date:2019-04-24 23:41:50
Edited:2019-04-24 23:50:46
Are you tired of cliched female fronted-emo pop drivel with inane third-grade puppy-love/breakup lyrics that poses itself as hard rock? Does shitty unimaginative instrumentation and crap triggered drums make you puke? Do you like your "catchy" separate from "diseased"? Most of all, are you cultured enough to embrace the relevance of eras past? If your answer is "no", please continue on to "No Sera Tu" bargain bin section and look under "generic." Otherwise, Sonic Age is now shipping the Crucifixion anthology - a treat for fans of classic NWOBHM that until recently remained out of reach for many, safe most elite collectors.

Even this issue is pretty kvlt - limited to 500 copies, it is bound to sell out soon. This edition includes all of the band's output from the mythical "The Fox/Death Sentence" 7" on through the 81 demo and both of their Neat releases: "Take It or Leave It" 7" and the "Green Eyes" EP. The lay-out and the liner notes (mostly an interview with Chris Mann) are a bit lame (more of original design/artwork would have gone a long way,) but the material makes up for it. For those who don't know, Crucifixion played the more upbeat variant of NWOBHM that combined some of the elements of early Leppard and the melodic punkiness of The Damned, like this:

So, if skirts are not your main criteria for music consumption, and you actually like metal/hard rock that isn't just bubble-gum pop masquerading as such, this overview of Crucifixion may just hook you in, without resorting to hooker outfits:) \,,/
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