Re: A couple new songs I actually like:

Date:2019-04-23 20:06:04
In Reply To:A couple new songs I actually like: by Nosferatwo
Doll Skin - Mark My Words

Just heard this one a few minutes ago. Has a bit of 'riot girl' fiestiness to it, but sounds good.
Yeah not bad. Catchy chorus. Not sure I'd be able to stomach a full album of it. In fact I'm pretty sure I won't be able to lol!

Jasmine Cain - Be Brave

I really like Jasmine's voice. Her last record was great pop-ish rock stuff. I have her new one already, and it's different, but still good. The rest of it isn't as 80s or melodic as this song. It's more of a "Vicious" style album.
Her voice is ok but the song is absolute drivel. Super meh to use your own terminology.

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