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Date:2019-04-20 15:49:50
In Reply To:Re: More tunes... by Pirage

and finally
Majesty - Burn The Bridges.
Oh dear. Not sure what they were thinking. The song is catchy but then so is a dose of the clap! I think Sabaton would've even baulked at that keyboard sound and Rihanna like chorus. Jeez! The last Majesty album was their best and this lead single has set a few alarm bells ringing. The song would be ok without the Ibiza keys. The chorus should have been thought over...really? hhahaa...the more you listen it starts to get stupidly stuck in your head though even if you resist with all your might! Let's hope the rest is a bit more metal...!
Oh man, I just came across this today as well. I was like wtf, they used to worship at the Manowar altar and now they're trying to be the middle ground between Sabaton and Beast in Black?
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