Avantasia Live

Date:2019-04-18 08:52:32
Second time seeing Tobi's all star troop at this very same venue. This was an even more epic gig than last time. Tobi forgot the words a couple of times which was funny coz he sings "and I forgot the fucking words" when he does forget em! lol

The show was epic. Last time I was sitting and this time I was standing but my view from the back was not the best. Venue was jam packed. Probably close to 2000. I was totally starting to flag come the encore.

Highlights were many inbetween. The epic The Raven Child with Jorn singing up a storm. That man can croon and wail like there's no tomorrow. Geoff tate in superb vocal form. He really sounds like he enjoys singing the songs he gets. Bob Catley the oldest man on stage was really good to be honest. His voice is much rougher but still can hold his own. 3 backing singers including Herbie Langans and two lesser know ladies. Once of whom could switch between banshee blackened screech to angel voiced princess in a flash. The musicians were all solid especially the drummer. Solid 3 hour set on drums can't be that easy every night. Geoff's song Alchemy was absolutely awesome. One of the top 3 songs of the night. The other magical song was Let The Storm Descend Upon You. That was bloody epic. Even Eric Martin sounded pretty great on his songs and I'm not really a fan of his. Oh I forgot Ronnie Atkins. He looks like he's had a hard life judging by his face lol but damn his voice sounded booming over the PA.

Tobi likes to joke a lot between songs. Plenty of banter. Not all of THAT funny but German humour is always a little odd shall we say. Swears like a trooper too hehe!

I bailed about a quarter of the way into final track as Tobi was doing extended band introductions. The gig was going way past the 3 hour mark and my ankles were screaming at me to move and so I finally paid heed and left somewhat gingerly lol as I couldn't feel my feet for a while. Funnily enough it's normally my back that kills me but it was ok all night but my feet were shot hehe..

Anyway the show was pretty epic. Everyone should see one Avantasia show if they can. It's a right spectacle of colour and musical splendour


Symphony No. 9, Op. 125 (Ode to Joy)
(Ludwig van Beethoven song)

Ghost in the Moon

(with Ronnie Atkins)

Book of Shallows
(with Ronnie Atkins) (also with Adrienne Cowan)

The Raven Child
(with Jørn Lande)

(with Jørn Lande)

(with Geoff Tate)

(with Geoff Tate)

Reach Out for the Light
(with Oliver Hartmann)

(with Adrienne Cowan)

(Michael Sembello cover) (with Eric Martin)

Dying for an Angel
(with Eric Martin)

(with Bob Catley)

The Story Ain't Over
(with Bob Catley)

The Scarecrow
(with Jørn Lande)

Promised Land
(with Jørn Lande) (also with Eric Martin, without Tobias Sammet)

Twisted Mind
(with Geoff Tate) (also with Eric Martin, without Tobias Sammet)

(with Geoff Tate)

Let the Storm Descend Upon You
(with Jørn Lande) (also with Ronnie Atkins)

Master of the Pendulum
(with Ronnie Atkins)

Shelter from the Rain
(with Bob Catley) (also with Herbie Langhans and Ina Morgan)

Mystery of a Blood Red Rose
(with Bob Catley)

Lost in Space

(with Adrienne Cowan)

Sign of the Cross / The Seven Angels
(with everyone)

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