New Tunes

Date:2019-04-17 20:09:01
A few new tunes have turned up.

Chaos Factory - WE Believe. Pretty decent track. Whole album on youtube.

Hollow Haze - Oblivion. Italians with a new line up. Fabio Lione is out and Fabio!(his name is also Fabio) The song is really good. Really looking forward to this one.

Mind Key - Alien in Wonderland. A bit heavy on keys this song. Singer could be better too but he's ok a bit rough trying to channel in his inner Russ. Might be ok. Some flashy playing.

Crazy Lixx - Break Out. Cool and glammy fun. Sweet riffs.

Michael Thompson Band - Save Yourself. Very pleasant light AOR.

Astral Doors - Night Of The Hunter. Pretty ok tune but I've heard better from them still pumped for the album. The chorus is pretty catchy second and third time. Nos is gonna have a coronary once NPJ opens his big gob! lol!

Steel Prophet - The God Machine. Pretty nice pounding track. Sounds like a Mystic Prophecy track basically when you hear RD singing. Hope they have a few more catchier choruses on the rest but good power anyway.

Until Rain - Patti. Dreamy heavy-lite rock. Not really my thing but someone may like it who knows.

Orion Child - Nuclear Horizons. Strong accent this dude but this song is not bad. Even the growled voice is sort of complimentary. However a full album of that dude's high voice may even be beyond my exemplary tolerance levels!

Jupiter - Legends Never Die. This is just a blast of adrenaline and a spectacle of flashy chops. They are even playing here in May. Half tempted to view this OTT visual kei madness.. Play at own risk!

And saving the best till last.

Majestica - Rising Tide. This is Tommy's secret project and how magnificent it is! Bloody hell I love this. What melodies...scrumptious

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