Re: Scott Stapp Video

Date:2019-04-11 23:12:31
Edited:2019-04-11 23:13:30
In Reply To:Scott Stapp Video by Pirage
Finally a video for the single Purpose For Pain. Pretty grim subject matter. Looks like Mr Stapp has had a hell of rollercoaster life. What a song though...damn!
Hey, that's pretty good. I liked it. A solid riff, heavier than what he's most well known for, and he's singing with an actual full-bodied hard rock / metal voice, not that warbly, nasal "With Arms Wide Open" bullshit, heh.

With all that said, this still remains the best Scott Stapp video ever:

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If we're constantly throwing around accusations of racist this and racist that instead of dispassionately analyzing the conditions that got us into this mess, we're going to spend all our time shouting at each other instead of fixing the problem.
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I've been on the floor with the Reverend Real, Casual Observer and Ldooche and didn't even get a fucking Smithfield Ham for Christmas.
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