Re: Frontiers is giving Geoff Tate a new project

Date:2019-04-09 18:39:57
In Reply To:Frontiers is giving Geoff Tate a new project by Nosferatwo

Sounds better than any of the Operation:Mindcrime garbage from that trilogy. He still sounds a bit worn out, but it's not bad. Whatever good songs this will have should have been given to a singer with a future, but whatever.
I swear when the riff started I thought that's Simone from DGM. I can tell his riffing style..lo and behold he's the main man! I'll look forward to this. Ryche fans will be happy to see Geoff singing more classic material. The song itself is not amazing but is appetising enough. Better than any of his own crap as you said. I think this project will work out...we'll see though.

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