Re: check these 3 dude...

Date:2019-04-07 21:29:42
In Reply To:Re: Hey Nos, check this one... by Nosferatwo
Dunno about depressing April actually. I've been surprised by a fair few releases but they are more on the aggro metal side that I enjoy so it's not surprising you've found it harder going.
It hasn't been good for me yet. Other than Yours Truly, everything has been mediocre at best that I've gotten to listen to. Grand Magus is more of the same, which is good but not exciting. Hardline is just 'meh', and whatever I thought Leverage could have been, it was worse. I liked the first Enforcer single a lot, but none of the rest of the album sounds like it. So nothing exciting for me yet.
Well try a few of these for size. I think you'll like some of these though they are not new stuff. - To Paint The Sky. Heavy stuff and a nice melody. Nice contrast between the male and female in the chorus. - Fire Red Empress. Heavy brooding almost doom metal with a fiery female vocal. Song goes through some changes. I shouldn't really like this but it's somehow listenable. - Another song by Fire Red Empress. People are comparing them to Halestorm. - Altered Sky - pop rock stuff. I think you'll like this one. - An older song.

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