Re: Hey Nos, check this one...

Date:2019-04-07 19:04:49
Edited:2019-04-07 19:07:47
In Reply To:Re: Hey Nos, check this one... by Nosferatwo
Thanks for the reminder. I heard that one a little while ago and thought it was cool, but it slipped my mind that the album was coming so soon. That's a really solid track, and an album that sounds like that would make this musically depressing April a bit better.
Dunno about depressing April actually. I've been surprised by a fair few releases but they are more on the aggro metal side that I enjoy so it's not surprising you've found it harder going.

BTW I just found out this band had an EP called Devour. There's 3 older songs on their youtube channel so I'm not sure if the EP actually has more songs or is this it. They played live a while back but I didn't even know about them until this afternoon hehe! - This is a great song.Very catchy. - And this ain't too shabby either. Great tune-smiths these people. This one her vocal are sort of processed in the verse and then normal for the chorus. Great heavy riffage too. - this is the oldest track. Still great but a more pop metal edge than the others. Still pretty good and catchy as hell. New Year's Day needs to learn a few tricks from these guys lol!

edit: Another older track still. - Not a totally mature ballad. They've improved in leaps and bounds but check it anyway.

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