Happy Saturday Tunes

Date:2019-04-06 10:01:55
A few tunes on a brightish Saturday!

Stramonia - The 21st Trump - Interesting song. Like a metal version of the Sisters Of Mercy. Heavily accented vocals tho but I can get by.

Restless Spirits - Calling You (with Deen Castronovo) - not bad but not as good as the first song by a long way.

Chaos Magic - Like Never Before - First album with Tolkki was a monster fail, but they dumped him for an unknown Brazillian dude. This sounds more convincing whilst not being amazing but at least very listenable.

First Signal - Born To Be A Rebel - next single frm this AOR project.
The song rules. Chorus is a killer..Harry sounds like Jeff Scott Soto weirdly enough! Really looking forward to this now..AOR lovers will be happy...metallers leave the hall...!!

N.Ex.U.S. - Reflections - Know nothing about this band or project but this sounds pretty nice. Let's call it melodic slightly prog metal. Great vocals in this song. Looking forward to hearing the rest of this.

Hardline - Page Of Your Life - A ballad. It's ok every AOR album has one or two but next. Johnny sounds great though I must admit.

Whitesnake - Hey You..You Make Me Rock - Pretty cool heavy grinding track. David's voice is ok but totally raspy when compared to the 80s. Not bad anyway..at least he's still going just about...not like the Ozzman who cancelled yet again.

Qantice - Rivers Can't Fly - Not many will care but I've enjoyed both songs from this release. Melodic shreddy power.

Happy Sunny Saturday!

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