Mark Morton

Date:2019-04-05 13:33:37
In Reply To:Re: Hey Nos, I'm seeing your band tomorrow bro... by The Surfing Alien
Looks we got a better lineup too. Lamb of God guitarist guy doing a solo album which I havent even heard of sounded great. Stole the show for me actually with nice singers. Good stuff, Mark Morton , if you want to look it up.
I looked it up. I found 4 songs. One has Myles Kennedy on vocals and sounds like a boring Alter Bridge track. One has the actual Lamb of God singer along with Alyssa from Arch Enemy, and it sounds like a LoG song with Alyssa as guest star. One features that Chester guy who recently committed suicide from...Linkin Park, I think, which sounds like a LoG song with Chester on vocals. One has Chuck Billy and some dude named Jake Oni(no idea where this guy is from) on vocals and it sounds like a mix between LoG and later Testament. None of it sounded particularly good, though if you were really clamoring for a LoG album with...not exclusively harsh vocals, I guess this will hit the spot.
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